Plenary Session Speakers:
Raymond R. Crowe, Snow and Ming Tsuang Lifetime Achievement Award Plenary Session
Mark J. Daly, The Genomic Architecture of Psychiatric Disorders
James Dee Higley, A Decade of Studies Investigating Gene X Environment Interactions and the Risk for Alcohol Abuse and Related Psychopathology: A Nonhuman Primate Model
Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, What We can Learn from the Study of Other Species for Human Brain Behavior Disorder
Trevor Robbins, What Phenotypes Should Psychiatric Geneticists Focus On?
Bryan L Roth, Novel Approaches to Psychiatric Drug Discovery:  Impact of Psychiatric Genetics
Peter Visscher, The Issue of Missing Heritability Revisited
Karl Zilles, Architecture of the Human Brain

Education Session Speakers:
Sven Cichon
Nick Craddock
Sophia Frangou
Brooke Fridley
Matthew Keller
Preben Bo Mortensen
Benjamin Neale
Alexander Niculescu
Mick O’Donovan
James Potash
Sara Pulit
Stephan Ripke
Wolfgang Sadee
Thomas Schulze
Eli Stahl