Tuesday Session – Schizophrenia

Hall 3
Chairs:  Francis McMahon, Thomas Schulze
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Session # Presenter Title
5.1 Colm O’Dushlaine Genome-WIde Association Study of 32,143 Individuals Reveals Several Novel Associations in Schizophrenia
5.2   ORAL AWARD FINALIST Stephan Ripke Dissection of Genetic Architecture of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia: Results from a Combined Dataset of Nearly 40,000 Individuals
5.3 Ole Andreassen Genetic Pleiotropy between Schizophrenia and Multiple Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor
5.4 Anders Børglum Genome-wide Study of Association and Interaction with Maternal Cytomegalovirus Infection Suggests New Schizophrenia Loci
5.5 Marian Hamshere Genome wide Significant Associations in Schizophrenia to ITIH3/4, CACNA1C and SDCCAG8, and Extensive Replication of Associations Reported by the Schizophrenia PGC
5.6 Benjamin Neale Analysis of Low-frequency, Protein Altering Variation in 13,000 Individuals from a Swedish Schizophrenia Cohort on the Exome Arra