Monday Session – Biostatistics / Bioinformatics

Hall 13/14
Co-chairs:  Nick Martin, John Nurnberger
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Session # Presenter Title
4.1   ORAL AWARD FINALIST Nadia Solovieff Using Identity-by-Descent Information to Detect De Novo and Recent Mutations in Population-Based Exome-Sequencing Studies
4.2 Robert Power A Polygenic Analysis of Schizophrenia and Depression Risk Alleles Effect on Reproductive Fitness in the General Population
4.3   ORAL AWARD FINALIST Daniel Howrigan Partitioning Genome-Wide Autozygosity to Target Polygenic Signals: Methods and Application to Schizophrenia GWAS Data
4.4 Wesley Thompson Pleiotropy and Power: Methods for Improving Gene Discovery in Psychiatric GWAS
4.5 Danielle Posthuma Network and Structural Properties of Monogenic and Complex Disease-related Genes
4.6   ORAL AWARD FINALIST Laramie Duncan Evaluation of Algorithms for in silico Prediction of Deleterious Mutations in a Large Whole-Exome Sequencing Study